Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Been a Long Time Huh???

I have been busy doing my therapy visits and helping with a number of causes. I have a new promise to myself and you, too. I promise to do at least 3 blog posts each month. Today, I want to let you know about my friends at the  National Canine Cancer Foundation.  It was because of a Facebook fundraiser done by Gizmo's Frens that I learned about the Foundation and it's work.

In January, I was honored to represent  Gizmo's Frens  and present a check to the foundation.
But first, a startling fact - canine cancer affects one out of every three dogs!  When I heard this alarming statistic, I was shocked.  As a daily Facebook "addictee", I really started to pay attention to the number of doggie friends that either are fighting cancer or have lost their lives and crossed Rainbow Bridge.  I asked myself, what can be done to help?  That's when I discovered the work that is being done through the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  Just like research for human cancer, research is being done for canine cancer, too. 

Mr. Gary Nice, the founder and president of the foundation, lost not one but three dogs to cancer all within a three year time span.  With the loss of Baily, his first Golden, he vowed that he would do everything in his power and dedicate his life to cancer research in dogs.  Here are his own words:
"I found out how much work needed to be done to fight cancer in dogs and how many dogs were dying every day, many prematurely, to cancer. It was at this point that I swore to myself that I would dedicate the rest of my life, and resources, to finding a cure to these cancers that are killing our dogs."
Presenting a $1000.00 check to Mr. Nice and Mr. Pike - Mommy and I were so excited to represent Gizmo's Frens. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nice (President) and Mr. Pike (Vice President of Marketing) and Miss Lyn Lenizo ( Event Organizer) at the Paws for a Wish event this past January.  It was a great event with many vendors, activities for dogs, educational opportunities and some great NCCF shopping! 
In addition, I had some fun time SHOPPING and meeting with my Facebook friends,  Dreamer' s mommy, Miss Jennifer and also my friends Maggie and Molly with their mommy Miss Sharon.
Dreamer's mommy, Miss Jennifer and me.

Miss Sharon holding me; those are her two furbabies and my friends Molly and Maggie (They are puppy mill rescues!)

Please visit and support the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  You will find it very educational and enlightening.  Why should you go there?  Well, as my 'boyfren' Gizmo would say: "Cuz We're Frens".