Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healthy Treats!

As you know I love treats and having my breakfast and dinner, too.  Well, my friend, Bean O'Brien and his mom have some wonderful ideas about healthy treats that are NOT purchased dog treats, are healthy and are right in your own house!  Can you believe it?

I enjoyed my bone snack from the prize I won in my friend Sam's contest.
Bean's  mom gets  clients asking her about whether or not it is safe to give their pets people food for treats.She says that it can be! So, let's just talk to her about snacks. 

Here's what Bean's mom has to say:

"Try a baby carrot instead of a milkbone. They are crunchy & sweet. If your dog is overweight & you’re worried about the carb factor..., many dogs like a green bean. But of course some human foods are NOT good for doggies & kitties. Some no-nos are chocolate, coffee, onions, grapes, raisins, & macadamia nuts. Little nibbles of meats (chicken, beef) are super yummy, but doggies shouldn’t have too much fatty meats; that can lead to pancreatitis! And be careful not to give bones that can splinter. Cheese is one of Bean's favorites, but too much can have a binding effect for some dogs."

So,  remember friends, as Bean and his mom  say,  "Your pet’s treats don’t have to come from the pet supply store. They can be found right in your fridge!"

Let's all stay healthy!  Okay?  

In my next blog, I think I will tell you how important whole pumpkin can be!  I know; I am living proof, thanks to the good advice of my good friends, @Drs. Kristen Nelson, D.V.M. and Shagufta Mulla.

PS If you haven't read Dr. Nelson's book Coated with Fur - A Vet's Life, you are missing out on a great read!  I know!!!