Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm Back after a LONG Time

Where should I start??? Hmmmm.  You know let's start with today, March 31st, 2015. 

Mommy and I went on a morning walk when it was only 67 degrees.  It was the best and I got to do an unexpected therapy dog visit for a neighbor who just got some bad health news.  Mommy and I were on the opposite side of the street where she was walking, but I decided to cross in the middle of the block so we could meet up with her.  She lives about a mile from our house. We had seen her on many other walks and exchanged neighborly pleasantries, but today was different.  I took the lead to cross the street and when she saw us, she said, "Do you have a minute to talk?"  "Of course," mommy said.  Then Miss Marcy told us about her mom who was now in hospice and about her recent health problem along with other things that were complicating her life.  I sat very quietly while she and mommy talked and then Miss Marcy bent down to pet me and said, "Oh, I feel so much better just talking to you and seeing Zoe this morning."  I looked up at her and knew that our visit made a difference for her.

At the Cancer Center I got to wear one of my pretty dresses, but  the only bad thing was that I really can't do my tricks when I'm dressed, so I told mommy I just have to go naked!  After my visits on the 3 floors, I was back in the lobby "Au naturalle" and entertaining to my heart's content.    I guess there is a time and place for everything!

In the next few days I will tell you about the painting experience mommy had for the fund raiser for Animal Doctors to the Rescue - but here's a video about what they do!  I love you, Drs. Jill and Andrea!