Thursday, July 30, 2015

Retractable Leashes - DANGER!! - Re-Post

Take my advice- do not put yourself and your Fur-family in danger!
On Facebook there was a post about a German Shepherd that attacked a Maltese, the outcome for the little pup was not good.  Then I came to learn, through my "mom", that a retractable leash was involved. That got me wondering if there were other stories and  hard facts about these leashes . A good reporter has to investigate, so that's what I did.  I put on my Sherlock Holmes identity and went sleuthing! I learn a great deal watching one of my favorite TV shows Elementary.

My mom checks Consumer Reports for everything, so I started there. I found the article enlightening and kept on my investigation.

 The Doginton Post states the following:

Before using a retractable leash, make certain you’ve got one that’s strong enough to handle your dog. Dogs that have a tendency to bolt or take off running after perceived prey should never be restrained with a retractable leash. Aside from those dangers, there are other things to keep in mind when using one of these, often convenient, popular leashes.
What You Need to Watch Out For
· Prickling leash burns. Retractable leashes, especially the thin string variety, can very easily cause leash burns. This could happen when you let your pooch race past you with the retractable line zipped up across your bare skin. Unwarranted injuries, however, can be prevented if you try the flat, tape style retractable leash.
· Entanglement or strangulation. Not only can retractable leashes burn us, they can also get twisted around a dog’s neck or legs. Worse, if your pooch panics and jerks the moment they get hog-tied; it could cause the leash to pull even tighter. Although you can loosen the cords that have wrapped around his neck, the situation could quickly become life-threatening.
· Fatal accidents. There are times when our dogs dart away all of a sudden, and with a retractable leash on him, your dog might dart even farther, faster. Nevertheless, it’s the reeling that’s a serious issue here. It is possible that Fido may spot a squirrel or anything interesting across the street, and suddenly take off after it. If you’re not alert enough, his abrupt behavior and an unsturdy retractable leash could put him smack on the road, right in front of a speeding car.
Other Things You Would Never Want to Happen
· The leash drops. Because these leashes rarely have a wrist strap and are sometimes heavy and bulky, dropping them is a regular occurrence. What’s worse, if you drop the handle, the lack of tension can send the heavy handle hurdling toward your dog. Not only could the heavy leash handle smack your dog in the head, if your dog is spooked by the leash handle zipping deafeningly toward him, he may take off running.
· The cord is grabbed. If you grab the cord/tape while it is being pulled from the handle, you might suffer from immediate injury like cuts and burns.
· The cord wraps around you. Poor handling can also cause the cord/tape to twist around you or someone else’s fingers resulting in deep wounds, or worse, amputation.
· The collar breaks or comes off your dog. The moment this occurs, the leash could retract at top speed while the other end of the line whips around at the same full momentum leading to serious injuries to face, teeth, and eyes.

If you still don't believe me, check out what My Smart Puppy. com has to say and the various testimonials (positive and negative) on their website or Pet MD.  There are countless other sources and most put the "nix-ay" on this type of leash.

My advice in a nutshell is a question:

Why choose a leash that could put you or your pet in potential danger?  You supply the answer! 


  1. Those are very wise words, Zoe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I see a lot of bad in those leashes... Owners with out of control fur babies is the first thing I always see. THey are easy to let out, not so easy to real in.

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