Saturday, August 31, 2013

"One Zoe Moment Turned into Five"

Today, I am going to start my next mini series of one guest therapy visit that ended with four more unplanned visits.  I hope you enjoy them.
 Tail waggle,sniff and a lick, -"Nice to meet you, Ani." Is what I said in dog language which Ani understood immediately.

Today was going to be a day of no visits (and I was pouting a little), but a message came in my message section from a Facebook friend, Miss Angie. Luckily, mommy had the ‘puter on.  Miss Angie asked if I ever did hospital visits because her 7 year old daughter was being admitted and she asked her mom if any dogs would come and visit.   My ears went up, and I got quite excited when I heard this because although I had visited that hospital before, I had never visited the pediatrics wing.  Mommy got all of the details from Miss Angie but told me not to get too excited until she called security to get my clearance.  I am so glad that I am registered with Therapy Dogs Inc. because I heard the guard say, “No problem, just let us know what room you will be visiting and when you leave the hospital, so we can enter that on the board.”  It was so official.
Me at the side entrance to the hospital.
I asked mommy if I could wear my nurse outfit, so Ani would know I was there to officially help her get better.


Mommy sent Miss Angie a message through Facebook, and we were off.  I asked if I could wear my nurse’s outfit, so I could assist any of the nurses if they needed my help.   When we got there, I had to do some tricks for the receptionists because they wanted to take some pictures; I just wanted to visit  Ani.  I thought she needed to see me, stat! When we got to Ani’s floor, it was very happy!  Mommy had to speak through a special box on the wall for a nurse to let us in.  Safety first! When I got to Ani’s room, we peaked through the window, and mommy knocked ever so gently. Then, I waved my paw!  Miss Angie motioned for us to enter the room.  Everyone had smiles on their faces, especially Ani.

It was a wonderful visit.  Ani seemed shy at first, but it didn’t take long for us to become friends When it was time for the nurse to give Ani a treatment, I got to help!  A few tricks, some cuddles, treats and even some kisses worked like a charm. 
A little goodbye smooch, so we would never forget each other.

 This was the first time I met Miss Angie; I can thank Facebook for that.  I also met Ani’s daddy, Mr. Robert, and Ani’s older brother, Weston.  I even sat with Weston for a while, and he put his arm around me, too.  It was such an enjoyable visit; I hope you like our pictures, Miss Angie took them and Mr. Robert signed my photo authorization form.

Before I left Ani’s room, I tried my latest trick of waving good-bye.  I didn’t quite have the grasp of it yet, but by the time I did my 4 other unplanned visits at the hospital before we really left to go home, I had my princess wave down pat!  I will tell you about those detour stops, another time.  Probably tomorrow, okay?

It was a wonderful visit; I love you Ani!


  1. hi! I was searching this site looking for a contact information, but I couldn't find one so i'd like to ask if Zoe has a fan email address? if so, please kindly reply through my email: thanks! I look forward to receive your reply. :) GOD bless you!

  2. Hi! I was hoping you could email me, so I can ask you a dog question?! Thanks

  3. Dearrrrr Zoe,

    We hope you can visit Sedona Library soon. Can you get your 'Mom' to email me please.